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Thank You Notes 101

Whenever I see pretty thank you notes, I purchase them. I just love paper products!

But, the real reason I purchase them is because I believe there is nothing as sweet as receiving a hand-written thank you note; not some email or text or tacky e-card.

Recently, while reading Franklin Covey's Get Organized blog, I found the following about thank you notes.

1. Greet the giver
2. Express your gratitude (Thank you so much for this laptop bag!)
3. Discuss how you'll use the gift (It has a space for my iPad, I’ll have an easier time carrying everything.)
4. Discuss past and future events (Thanks for coming to my graduation. I hope to see you at the family summer barbecue.)
5. Thank them again (Thanks again!)
6. Regards (Love, Tammy)

Simple. Easy. Thoughtful.

Just do it.

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Thank You Notes 101 + TIME